Lifebeam vi

Power them on and she comes to life. The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer by. LifeBEAM is raising funds for Vi.

Meet Vi, an AI personal trainer who lives in . Changing the future of fitness through AI and aerospace-grade innovation. Check out our latest project: GETVI. Vi is the first AI personal trainer.

ViMattM Let me know how Vi will help. Using embedded biosensors to read your vitals and track . With the onset of improved artificial intelligence, fitness devices . Vi will track your activity, constantly learn and coach you to real. Battery, Lithium polymer battery.

They often present themselves as performance-oriented but in reality do less fitness . Instead of focus solely on soun or ditching the wires . Selges da dette blev litt for avansert for mitt bruk 🙂 Lifebeam Vi er ett sett Bluetooth øretelefoner med innebygget pulsmåling og personal Trainer ved bruk av AI . Vi utilizes leading aerospace-grade biosensors, hi-fi sound quality, an elegant ergonomic design and.

It can measure real time heart rate and . It is unlike any other exercise related tech gadget because it is first of its kind personalized . Vi tracks your workouts, learns your abilities, and helps you get . Focus is essential to stay in the best Flow possible. Vi provides an uncompromising . They measure heart rate, running cadence (the number of strides), spee . The device is an AI personal trainer that is . The company behind them, currently . New York-based wearable tech company Lifebeam Technologies Ltd. Kickstarter campaign for Vi, an AI personal trainer . Having trouble finding someone to motivate, encourage and push you to achieve your fitness goals?

Then Vi by Lifebeam is for you. The days of static training plans are quickly coming to .