Kettle chips

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The Answer: The difference between kettle chips and standard potato chips is the cooking process. Whereas your basic bagged chip is fried in . With flavors almost as rich as our . THE BEST AUSTRALIAN POTATOES, SLOW COOKED THE KETTLE WAY. Free Shipping on Eligible Items. Hand Cooked Potato Chips with Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Seasoning. Good to Know Our chips are hand cooked using traditional methods.

Our thick, skin-on potato chips are cooked in true kettle fashion: small batched and hand-stirred for an incredible craft taste. This item may take up to two (2) weeks to ship due to limited production.

Not available to ship to California. Please note: Not currently available for sale or shipping to the state of California. Let cool completely before serving. Customers are warned not to eat . We cook our kettle chips in small . Great tasting kettle chips made from potatoes rejected for slight blemishes or over production.

Define kettle chip: a type of potato chip made so as to be thicker and crunchier than the typical potato chip. Then these jalapeño-flavored chips will be perfect for you. These are no ordinary kettle chips! Our kettle-cooked potato chips are made in small batches, ensuring outstanding crispness and crunch!

Get full nutrition facts for other Atlanta Bread Company products and all . Those are both signature Los Angeles . We give unsuspecting Londoners on their lunch break an upgrade to remember. We also pair perfectly with great beer! A great bag of kettle popcorn chips is hard to beat.